Our Music.

The Boundary Birds are a fun band, featuring world class musicianship and creativity in their own work and in their renditions of other people’s compositions. With a fantastic song list, a swinging rhythm section and talented front woman, this band a crowd favorite.

Album - The Boundary Birds

Release date: 2013


Our self titled EP The Boundary Birds features upbeat soul/pop/country hits like Try Not To Call and Good Love. Read the CD review from the San Diego Troubadour.

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Album - Night Paintings by The Boundary Birds

Release date: 2008


Inspired by Daniel Lanois’ album For The Beauty of Wynona and EmmyLou Harris’ Wrecking Ball and guided in the studio by Daryl Johnson (who sang the haunting background vocals on these records) The Boundary Birds went wide on this one. From the album’s opening song “Sweet Lucille” to the closer “Crazy”, the deep American spirit of struggle and redemption shines through. Harmonically and instrumentally diverse, these songs feature horns, steel pan, pedal steel, and extremely old drums. DeBlois co-wrote several of the songs with Danny Campbell, Daryl Johnson, James East, and Tim Pacheco, yet Night painting remains shockingly personal.

Night Painting artwork by Susan Short
Susan is an accomplished artist living in NYC and she is also a mother of 3. Her experiments with Night Painting, (painting by only the natural light of the night sky) produced a series of work that I found very compelling, and analogous to what creating this album was like for me. I felt as though I were granted tremendous freedom of expression, but my naivety in the studio was like painting with low light. In a way the result is quite beautiful, and I remain extremely proud of this work from 2008.

buy the boundary birds tracks on itunes

We Are Ready to Play.

The birds are currently migrating south for the winter and should be ready for flight again soon.

Check back soon for future boundary birds booking opportunities.